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Beetroot Cordyceps Latte to Support your Fitness Goals

Our beetroot cordyceps latte makes the perfect pre-workout drink, or coffee alternative for those days when you need a lift. Beetroot and cordyceps have a long history of traditional use for overall health, and have particular value for sports, and athletic performance, so why should you use our beetroot cordyceps latte before your next workout…

Cordyceps is a unique fungus that originated in the high mountainous regions of China, and has been used for centuries to promote health, longevity and athletic performance. Cordyceps contains considerable amounts of adenosine and its derivatives and is believed to aid in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that provides energy for physiological processes such as the contraction of muscles, which is integral for athletic performance. It also contains cordycepin which reduces inflammation in the airways and increases oxygen utilization and delivery of oxygen to the muscles.

Cordyceps became popular in the 1990’s after a group of record-breaking Chinese athletes put their success down to using a tonic containing cordyceps. It was also traditionally used by sherpas in Tibet who would climb to high altitudes without the use of supplementary oxygen. Cordyceps helps to support cardiovascular function by delivering more blood and oxygen to the muscles faster, allowing more oxygen to reach all the cells in the body resulting in better cell function and performance. It is a vasodilator, helping to dilate the blood vessels thereby increasing blood flow and supporting endurance. Cordyceps’ adaptogenic benefits also enable the body to cope and adjust when under stress-which exercise is a form of-helping the body to deal with stress hormones and regulating physiological functions.

Beetroot juice has been a popular performance enhancing supplement in the endurance world over the last few years. It is rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids and nitrate, which is where many of its ergogenic benefits come from. Beetroot juice has been shown to support endurance by increasing efficiency, time to exhaustion and VO2 max. Many of beetroots benefits comes from its nitrate content, nitrate occurs naturally in certain foods and is converted into nitric oxide when consumed. Drinking beetroot juice increases nitric oxide levels in your body and nitric oxide is linked to increased blood flow, improved lung function and stronger muscle contraction. It has a vasodilatory effect, increasing blood flow and delivery of oxygen to working muscles. Supplementation of beetroot juice has also been shown to diminish muscular fatigue from high-intensity exercise efforts. Research has shown beetroot to have a performance enhancing effect, with those using beetroot juice before a workout able to run 15% longer before fatigue set in, and improved time trial performances in cyclists. Many research studies conclude that it has a significant effect on endurance.

Beetroot and cordyceps share many benefits and work synergistically to support energy levels and athletic performance. This is a powerful combination for supporting oxygen utilization and maximising cardio output, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood, improving delivery to the muscles and boosting muscular energy. Whether you are a weekend warrior, or a serious athlete, go the extra mile with this powerful combination for vitality, stamina and endurance. Simply add hot water, your favourite milk, or add to a smoothie. Enjoy this Cordyceps Beetroot Latte and get ready to hit those fitness goals.


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