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Try our Cordyceps Energy Balls Recipe

We love adding our mushroom supplements to hot drinks and smoothies, but they also work amazingly well in food recipes too for a little nutritional and medicinal boost. Reishi mushroom powder and cordyceps powder work particularly well in recipes. This week we are sharing our Cordyceps energy balls recipe- featuring our cordyceps powder. They make the perfect pre-workout or between-meal snack, or sweet treat. Packed with natural sources of quick releasing carbohydrates like dates alongside our cordyceps powder which helps to support stamina and endurance- these energy balls should help you go the extra mile!

Cordyceps Energy Balls Ingredients

12 Medjool Dates
100g Almonds
3 Tbsp of Cacao Powder
1 Tbsp of Cordyceps Powder
1 Tbsp of Almond Butter
Pinch of Salt


-Blitz the Almonds in a food processor until chopped into small pieces.
-Pit the medjool dates and add along with the cacao powder, cordyceps powder, almond butter and salt to the food processor.
-Blend until the mix comes together and then roll into 12 balls.
-Place in the fridge for a few hours until they harden- store in the fridge or freezer.

We guarantee these cordyceps energy balls won’t last long!

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