• Why should I take mushrooms?

    Mushrooms have long been used in traditional medicine, and as we seek to get back in touch with these ancient traditions they have gained in popularity. We share about 50% of our DNA with fungi, and they are a very bioavailable medicine to us. Cultures around the world have used them for thousands of years to promote health and modern day scientific research is now beginning to back up their healing properties.

  • What are the contraindications for mushrooms

    Mushrooms are one of the safest supplements out there, they are the true adaptogens. That said we would advise anyone on any medication to check with your GP or pharmacist for contraindications.

  • Are your products Organic?

    Yes we are completely Organic, and certified by the Soil Association.

  • How do I use the mushrooms?

    We would recommend starting with 2 capsules/1g powder a day, this is ideal for general health and all round support, if you need extra support you can gradually increase the dosage.

  • Are the mushrooms extracts?

    We use a dual-extraction method for some of our mushrooms- particularly the harder, woodier mushrooms like Reishi and Chaga. We use a hot water extraction to draw out the water soluble compounds as well as an ethanolic extraction to pull out the fat soluble compounds, this dual-extraction method enables us to get the full spectrum of nutrients the mushrooms provide.

  • Are the mushrooms tested?

    We are committed to offering the highest quality and purest mushroom products. All of our products are third party tested in a laboratory for heavy metals, pesticides, as well as other toxins and contaminants.

  • Where are the mushrooms sourced?

    Formulated by a world renowned mushroom expert Martin Powell, we use only the best quality sources and extraction methods to achieve superior nutrient levels and bioavailability. Our mushrooms are sourced globally. We work with experienced and reputable Organic farms around the world, who specialise in mushroom cultivation and extraction. Our mushrooms come from North America, Asia and Siberia, in places mushrooms have been grown and used for thousands of years.

  • Why do you source from China?

    China has a negative reputation in terms of exported products, but we source some of our mushrooms from select cultivators in China. The growing conditions are pristine, and they have a long history in terms of mushroom cultivation, their knowledge and methods are far superior to anywhere else.

  • What parts of the mushrooms do you use?

    It depends on the mushroom, but our products are largely fruiting body based, alongside some mycelium which provides a wider range of key actives for best effects. We believe all parts of the mushroom have health benefits. We also use Reishi spores in our spore range, which are microscopic spores that the mushroom produces at the end of its growth cycle, these provide similar benefits but some nutrients are much more concentrated.  

  • How are your mushrooms grown?

    Our Chaga mushroom is wild crafted on Birch trees in Siberia, they are sustainably harvested without damaging the trunk of the host birch tree when removing the Chaga conk to ensure it can regrow. Other mushrooms are grown on their preferred growth medium under nature identical conditions, so they have similar nutritional profiles that we would find in wild mushrooms. Our Reishi, for instance, is grown on duanwood, these are logs that Reishi is traditionally grown on and enables it to form and grow as it would in the wild.

  • When is the best time to take the mushrooms?

    Whenever suits you! We like Cordyceps earlier in the day to support stable energy levels, lions mane after lunch, or early afternoon to support brain function, and reishi in the evening for relaxation and calming. Consume them whenever you feel you need them!

  • Can I combine mushrooms?

    You can absolutely combine medicinal mushrooms together for a full spectrum of the different nutrients they contain. Combine our capsules and powders, or take our Mycomplex which contains 3 of the most powerful  and revered medicinal mushrooms: Cordyceps, Reishi and Maitake.

  • Are the products Vegan?

    Yes our full range is certified Vegan friendly. None of our ingredients are animal derived, and our Cordyceps is not grown on insect hosts.