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Hay-fever Support with Reishi Spores

Spring…the time of the year that allergy sufferers dread. For many sufferers, Spring and Summer can be a miserable time with having to deal with seasonal allergies and the symptoms they cause. Hay-fever is driven by antibodies to specific pollens which-when they get into the eyes, nose or throat-cause a series of reactions leading to our mast cells releasing histamine, which causes a lot of the unpleasant symptoms like sneezing and itching. There are natural ways you can support your defences at this time of year, and Medicinal Mushrooms can help you find hay-fever relief by offering a great solution to those dreaded symptoms.

Reishi Spores are our favourite mushroom to take during the hayfever season, you can take them preventatively throughout the season, or when you have acute symptoms. Reishi spores are prized for their medicinal benefit and are chemically very different from Reishi mushroom. Reishi spores contain 300% more triterpenes than the fruiting body as well as being rich in polysaccharides. Reishi spores also contain adenosine, amino acids, minerals, alkaloids and polypeptides.

Why should you use Reishi Spores?

Triterpenes and polysaccharides are major healing constituents in Reishi mushroom. Reishi spores contain much higher levels of triterpenes which support organ health and have anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Allergy sufferers may benefit from Reishi spores combination of high immune-modulatory and anti-histamine activity.

Immune Regulation

Seasonal allergies often stem from an imbalance in the immune system, so supporting this is our first priority. Medicinal Mushrooms have diverse actions, and can address several underlying factors involved in the allergic response. Mushrooms are immune-modulatory, they can support our immune system to function optimally and lessen our heightened response to allergens providing hay-fever relief.

Anti-Histamine Activity

Reishi Spores are rich in triterpenoid compounds like lanostan which has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine activity, helping to stabilise the mast cells which release histamine. Reishi also contains immune-modulating polysaccharides which reduce the over-reactiveness of the immune response and downregulate histamine levels and inflammation. Reishi Spores address both the symptoms and root cause of imbalanced immunity responsible for hay-fever and other allergies.

Liver Support

It’s also important to strengthen other systems in the body which may be linked to allergic responses. Optimal liver functioning is important to clear any leftover histamine from the blood. If the liver is struggling under the weight of other toxins then histamine won’t be removed and allergies can result. Reishi Spores as well as regular Reishi and Maitake mushroom are excellent liver tonics and help to protect and fortify liver function.


Stress can also exacerbate allergies and hay fever symptoms as cortisol released when we are stressed lowers immune function and weakens our defences. Many mushrooms including Reishi are adaptogenic helping the body to adapt to various types of stress and bringing it back into balance, so can help if we are chronically stressed.

A little help from our mushroom friends may help us to target the root cause of allergies rather than just taking pills to mask the symptoms. Medicinal mushrooms can regulate our immune system, optimise our detoxification and support our gut health, bringing the body back into balance and strengthening our defences when under stress. Mushrooms can be used safely all year round as prevention and we recommended taking them in preparation for, as well as throughout the season to provide hay-fever relief.

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