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Organic Maitake Ginger Latte Mix

Thank you for purchasing Mushrooms4Life’s Organic Ginger Latte Mix! It’s a great way to gain all the benefits to health, wellbeing, and energy of maitake without the fuss of pills and powders! Just pour in hot water or have a milk frother on standby and you can enjoy the heart-warming effects of this wonderful mushroom in minutes. 

We have created this resource page to give you more insight into what makes maitake so special and how you can take advantage of its key benefits. So, get ready to learn more about how this wonderful medicinal mushroom can spice up your life!

Things You Should Know

Meet the mushroom

maitake-hormonal-imbalanceAs well as a healing mushroom with a long history of traditional medicinal use in China and Japan where it is grown, maitake is a popular gourmet mushroom used in cooking. Maitake has an impressive nutrient profile rich in antioxidants and beta-glucans, a group of polysaccharides researched for their biologically active effects on blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and insulin. Maitake is richer in beta glucans than any other medicinal mushroom!

Like many medicinal mushrooms, maitake is considered an adaptogen that can help balance the nervous system’s response to stress, although more research is needed into exactly how and why this works. Maitake mushroom is naturally high in antioxidants, which may help reduce oxidative stress and protect cognitive function, particularly due to ageing. Maitake is also a good source of the mineral copper, which is important for red blood cell production, immune system function and cardiovascular health.

Traditional uses

According to the Myco Medica the use of maitake is documented as far back as 200AD. In TCM maitake is revered as a powerful mushroom with restorative properties and reputed to tonify the kidneys and liver, drain excess damp and calm the mind. It has strong anti-infective qualities and is used traditionally to support patients with the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, including elevated lipids, blood sugar, insulin and blood pressure.


Did you know? Maitake’s nickname ‘dancing mushroom’ derives from the little dance of joy the mushroom pickers would do to celebrate their ‘catch’, as it was considered such a lucky find.

How To Use It

Our maitake Ginger Latte is blended with 100% organic ingredients including warming ginger to support the digestion and cinnamon for a rich flavour and antioxidant boost. It also contains coconut milk, with important medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) to support focus and cognition, balance blood sugar and provide that classic latte satisfaction.

It can be used to support wellbeing during seasonal changes, particularly winter when coughs and colds are in frequent circulation and is a good tonic to take when travelling or when feeling run down.

Adults: 1-3 servings (1 heaped tblsp.) per day.

Add one heaped tablespoon to a little hot water or milk of your choice to make a paste, then stir in hot water or milk.



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