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Meet our Reishi Spore Collection

Reishi spores are produced as the reishi mushroom completes its life cycle. The spores contain the highest concentration of active triterpenes, unique to the reishi mushroom. We use this powerful part of reishi mushroom in our reishi spore collection, combining it with some of natures most revered medicinal mushrooms.

Our organic reishi spores come from the Longquan district of China, the natural home of reishi. Reishi are polypores, hard and woody in nature and tend to grow on trees. Polypores have thousands of pores on the underside of their fruiting body where millions of spores are produced and released. Spores are impossible to digest because of their hard coating which is made of chitin, one of the strongest substances on earth. We crack our spores at low temperature to maintain the highest levels of nutrients and they are rolled 30 times to ensure maximum bio-availability.

Reishi spores are much more concentrated in triterpenes than the fruiting body as well as being rich in polysaccharides. Triterpenes support organ health and have strong anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Reishi spores also contain adenosine, amino acids, minerals, alkaloids and polypeptides.

We have four products within our reishi spore collection that follow Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, providing unique combinations of quality medicinal mushrooms. Let’s meet them:

Reishi Spore: The classic product, and highest quantity of reishi spores. Rich in triterpenoid compounds like lanostan which has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine activity, helping to stabilise the mast cells which release histamine, this is a great choice for hayfever, allergies and inflammatory conditions. Reishi also contains immune-modulating polysaccharides which reduce the over-reactiveness of the immune response and down-regulates histamine levels and inflammation.



Myco-Qi: Myco-Qi is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles for enhancing the ‘vital breath’, combining our highest quality reishi spores with cordyceps mushroom extract for maximum benefits to health and well-being. With powerful cordyceps mushroom, this is a great choice for exercise and sports performance, respiratory support, and also altitude sickness.

Myco-Zen: Myco-Zen is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles for enhancing the ‘shen’ spirit, combining our highest quality reishi spores with lion’s mane dual extract for maximum benefits to health and well-being. With nootropic favourite lion’s mane mushroom, this is a wonderful choice for cognitive and nervous system support.

Mycomplex: Mycomplex combines three of the most respected mushrooms – reishi spore, cordyceps, and maitake – to provide all round support for health and vitality. A valuable combination for immune support, respiratory health, and cardiovascular support.

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