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Minty Reishi Cacao Latte Recipe

Chocolate and peppermint make one of the most classic winter pairings. This minty Reishi Cacao Latte makes a decadent treat and the experience is like drinking a bar of chocolate, highlighted with a wisp of cool peppermint. The ultimate cold weather indulgence.


Minty Reishi Cacao Latte

Reishi and Cacao are a match made in heaven, Reishi’s bitter notes combine perfectly with Cacao. Reishi mushroom has been used medicinally for thousands of years, and revered in Asia as ‘Queen of the mushrooms’. It’s polysaccharide and triterpene content are excellent for regulating the immune system, and managing inflammation within the body. The perfect choice during the Winter months to support immunity and overall health.

Our Reishi Cacao Latte blend includes rich cacao which is the perfect base for this hot chocolate, rich in antioxidants to add to all the nutrition that the Reishi mushroom powder provides. With an additional hint of peppermint extract and creamy oat milk, as well as a dollop of vegan whipped cream this makes for a delicious festive treat.



– 1 Sachet/Serving Mushrooms 4 Life Reishi Cacao Latte

-1/2 a dropper Peppermint extract

-1 cup barista Oat Milk

-1 teaspoon grated raw Chocolate

– Vegan Whipped Cream (Recipe)



-Add the mushroom latte powder, peppermint extract, and a tablespoon of water and stir to dissolve the powder

-Heat the oat milk and froth if possible

-Pour warmed oat milk into the mug and sweeten if desired

– Top with the vegan whipped cream and a grating of raw chocolate


Sip and enjoy this indulgent winter warmer.

Tag us @mushrooms_4life if you whip up this chocolatey treat.

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