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Mushrooms 4 Sports Performance and Recovery

Medicinal mushrooms have many benefits for overall health and well-being, and can be a powerful super-food for athletes. If you are health conscious, a runner, cyclist or someone that enjoys being active then you can use mushrooms to support whole body function as well as sports performance and recovery. Let’s take a look at how mushrooms can be beneficial for sports and which mushrooms can help you go the extra mile…

Cordyceps is probably the most well known mushroom for it’s sports performance benefits. It can help to support stamina and endurance, and became popular in the 1990’s after a group of Chinese athletes put their success on the track down to using a tonic containing cordyceps powder. Cordyceps helps to support cardiovascular function by delivering more fresh blood and oxygen to the muscles faster, allowing more oxygen to reach all the cells in the body resulting in better cell function and performance. Cordyceps is a vaso-dilator, helping to dilate the blood vessels thereby increasing blood flow and supporting endurance. It also contains adenosine which can support the production of ATP- our bodies energy currency. Research has shown that cordyceps powder is able to improve exercise performance as well as overall wellness.

Chaga mushroom has also been found to have a positive effect on sports performance, helping to support stamina and endurance by supporting oxygen flow like cordyceps. Chaga is also one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet, and helps to stimulate the most powerful antioxidant in the body, Superoxide Dismutase, which helps to protect against oxidative stress. Exercise, especially intense or long duration forms, creates a lot of free-radicals in the body which can cause damage, and Chaga mushroom with it’s antioxidant powers can help to combat this.

As well as being great for supporting sports performance, mushrooms are also very beneficial for supporting recovery. Cordyceps’ adaptogenic benefits enable the body to cope and adjust when under stress- which endurance exercise is a form of- helping the body to deal with stress hormones and regulating physiological functions. Reishi mushroom is another adaptogen that can help the body to adapt to stress. Studies have found the combination of Reishi and Cordyceps powder helps to reduce post-workout cortisol levels, and blocks lactic acid building up in the muscles, helping to reduce fatigue. This combination also helped to increase antioxidant status to protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals generated during exercise.

Training hard can be very taxing and place enormous strain on the body, especially the nervous and immune system. Reishi mushroom powder has been used for centuries to support resiliency and immunity, and it’s adaptogenic benefits help the body to cope under times of stress like heavy training. Reishi is also the most anti-inflammatory of the mushrooms, so can help the body to deal with post-workout inflammation and muscle soreness.

All medicinal mushrooms are rich in Beta-glucans which help to modulate the immune system and ensure we are able to fight off any coughs, colds and infections. Heavy training can affect our immune system function, leaving us run down and susceptible to infections, but medicinal mushrooms can help us to fight inflammation and ensure our immune system is working correctly.

Medicinal mushrooms can be your new best friend for sports performance, helping to support your endurance and stamina and having an anti-fatigue effect. They can also support recovery, helping with quicker muscle recovery, immune modulation, and combating the negative effects of stress on the body. Make mushrooms your secret weapon 4 sports performance and recovery.

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