Mushrooms 4 Life is a premium brand of medicinal mushroom supplements which are carefully cultivated to bring you the full-spectrum, bioactive power of mushrooms. We nourish our organic mushrooms throughout their life cycle, growing them on their optimal food medium and harvesting them with care. This gives them a similar nutrient profile to wild mushrooms. By respecting their individual environmental needs, we can ensure superior uptake of nutrients. We bottle this nutritional storehouse without using any additives or fillers, so you get only the purest product. 

Our mission

Not all mushroom products are created equal. Because we use only the highest quality, organic raw materials, carefully selected to deliver the full activity of each mushroom, you can be assured that absolutely no compromise is made with the quality of our products. Our guarantee to you is simply 100% mushrooms and always real, natural ingredients.

Who we are

Mushrooms4Life is a homegrown British brand created by naturopaths and mushroom experts, Graham Botfield and Ben Shouler. 

We are passionate about sharing the secrets of medicinal forest fungi to enhance your wellbeing and vitality, and use only the highest quality, organic, raw materials. From modest beginnings, Mushrooms4Life has expanded to become one of the most comprehensive ranges of medicinal mushrooms in the UK. 

At Mushrooms4Life we aim to make the wonderful therapeutic properties of medicinal mushrooms accessible to everyone.

How did it begin?

While the use of medicinal mushrooms in traditional cultures has a long history, the West has been slow to catch up. However, at Mushrooms4Life, Ben and Graham have been using medicinal mushrooms for decades. Graham has lectured internationally on mushrooms for 15 years and used them with his clients, seeing great results. Ben has been experimenting with mushrooms for over a decade and is passionate about the different synergies that occur when combining mushrooms with foods and herbal medicines. The next step was to put their discoveries and experience into practice as the next exciting frontier in supplement formulation. 

Using innovative techniques such as dual extraction, we have brought mushroom medicine into the 21st century. Mushrooms4Life has come a long way from the concoctions formulated on Ben’s kitchen table, and has expanded into an exciting range of powders, coffees and lattes, all complementing the different flavours and bioactive substances of mushrooms.




We grow our mushrooms under nature-identical conditions, which gives them a similar nutrient profile to wild mushrooms.



Our mushroom products are simply 100% real mushrooms with no binders, additives, or artificial ingredients.


Attention to detail

We aim to preserve the unique spectrum of nutrients and active compounds in every mushroom we harvest.



We obtain all our mushrooms directly from experienced and reputable organic farms which specialise in mushroom cultivation.



Here at Mushrooms4Life we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of mushroom products in the UK, including powders, capsules, teas and coffees.



Our products are third-party DNA tested and laboratory tested for heavy metals, pesticides and contaminants, so you benefit from only the purest mushrooms, and nothing else.