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Recipe: Cordyceps Cold Brew Latte

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Cordyceps mushroom is also known as the Emperor’s mushroom, and due to its extremely rare nature, it was traditionally restricted to the few who could afford it. Cordyceps powder has long been used in religious ceremonies in Chinese, Christian and Hindu religions and has been linked to longevity and immortality. We love to use Cordyceps to support our natural energy levels, and it works really well in this cordyceps cold brew recipe.

Naturally Cordyceps mushroom is found growing on the larvae of insects in extreme environments such as the Himalayan plateau- in the wild it is difficult to obtain, expensive and not widely used, so scientist figured out how to reproduce Cordyceps on Organic grains under nature-identical conditions- a much more sustainable way of getting cordyceps powder that yields a wide range of active nutrients.

Try our Cordyceps cold brew recipe…


350ml Cold Brew Coffee Latte

1 Scoop of Cordyceps Powder

½ Teaspoon Maca Powder

½ Teaspoon Ashwagandha Powder (Optional)

1 Teaspoon Coconut Sugar to taste


  • Add ingredients to the blender (Alternatively you can use a stick blender or latte whisk if you have one).
  • Blend until smooth and well combined and enjoy your cordyceps cold brew

Cordyceps powder is an adaptogen, and helps to balance out many bodily systems as well as helping the body to cope under stressful situations. It makes the perfect addition to coffee or cold brew as we have here, as it can help to balance out some of the jittery effects that caffeine has on certain people, and support the adrenal glands. It is an excellent mushroom for naturally supporting energy levels, which is why this cordyceps cold brew makes the perfect start to the day or post-lunch pick me up to avoid a slump. You can always heat it through if you need a warmer drink at this time of year too!


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