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Whether you are new to mushrooms, or a seasoned aficionado, our organic mushroom supplements offer a gentle and supportive way to revitalise your energy. 

We use only the most potent parts of the mushroom, including the young and mature fruiting bodies, spores and mycelium. Unlike some cheaper brands, our mycelial biomass is grown for two to three months, allowing us to mature the full range of antioxidants, enzymes and other therapeutic compounds. We also use dual-extraction techniques, including hot water and ethanolic extraction, to preserve the full spectrum of nutrients. 

We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of medicinal mushroom products in the UK—from powders and capsules to coffees and lattes—so whether you are always on the go, or can relax and unwind at your leisure, we have a product to suit. 

All our mushroom products contain a therapeutic dose of medicinal mushrooms in every serving. 

Made from 100% organic mushrooms and nothing else. Grown by experts and enjoyed by you.