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Mushroom lattes & coffees

Reaching for the caffeine for a morning pick-me-up is a hard habit to break, so why not try a gentler approach with our mushroom coffee and lattes?

Every serving of coffee and latte mix contains a therapeutic dose of medicinal mushrooms to support your performance, energy and wellbeing. Cordyceps and Reishi are a valuable source of adenosine, a neurotransmitter which helps block some of the stimulatory properties of caffeine. Try the Reishi Zen Coffee for a calming lift without the caffeine jitters, or Lion’s Mane Matcha Latte to boost your focus and concentration. Some of our mixes, like the Chaga Turmeric Latte contain no caffeine at all, just the antioxidant richness of a full-flavoured latte. 

Made with 100% organic ingredients and no refined sugar or additives, our coffee and latte range has something for every aspect of your day, whether you want to enhance your focus and performance, or leave the stress behind.