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Reishi mushroom spore

Reishi spore is the most concentrated part of the Reishi mushroom, containing 300% more triterpenes than the fruiting body. Triterpenes are a class of compounds found in plants and fungi that have strong antioxidant action and demonstrate potential anti-inflammatory and other immune-modulating effects.

Scientific evidence shows that combinations of mushrooms may have a stronger biologically active effect than mushrooms used singly, including an enhanced immune response. So we have made our Reishi spores available to take separately or in combination with other traditional medicinal mushroom favourites— Cordyceps, Lions Mane and Maitake—for a powerful synergistic effect.

We harvest only the highest quality Reishi spores from Longquan district, the home of Chinese Reishi. It is cracked at low temperatures and rolled up to 30 times to preserve the highest concentration of Reishi triterpenes for maximum benefits to health and wellbeing.