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‘Shrooms 4 your Summer Holiday

Summer has finally arrived in the UK, school holidays are upon us, and its time to pack that suitcase and jet off for some down time. With baggage restrictions and suitcase space a priority you want to make sure everything you pack for your summer holiday is essential: sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit, as well as some extras to support your health while you are away.

Mushrooms have so many health benefits, and they make the perfect companion to keep you healthy while you travel. Here are our favourites to take on your summer holiday:

Shiitake: Travelling can take its toll on your immune system. Time zone changes, sleep deprivation, alcohol and poor nutrition hit our immune system hard, and the last thing you want after planning your holiday all year is to come down with a sickness bug. Though all medicinal mushrooms have immune system benefits due to their beta glucans content, we love shiitake for its ability to help the body fight off pathogens and support our immune response against them.

Cordyceps: Our adaptogenic friend is a long haul travel essential. Travelling is very stressful on the body, particularly if changing through many time zones. Adaptogens help to bring the body into balance, and regulate many of its systems during stressful times. It’s also great for helping to support stable energy levels, and combatting fatigue and jet lag.

Reishi: It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic benefits make Reishi the perfect travel companion. Hayfever sufferers should choose Reishi spores for prevention and relief of symptoms, it is also great for allergies to the sun like prickly heat and reactions to insect bites.

Chaga: Antioxidant rich Chaga is your best friend if you are going on a sun holiday. Sun exposure can cause free radical damage and premature ageing, and Chaga with its super dose of antioxidants can help us to fight that. It is also an excellent immune system supporter to keep you fighting fit while travelling.

Our mushroom capsules and powders are the perfect wellness essential in your suitcase, packed with nutrition to keep you healthy while on your summer holiday, without taking up too much space. We never travel without them!


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