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Top Tips for a Healthier Christmas

The festive season is here, a time to relax, enjoy some festive treats and maybe a festive tipple or two. Christmas may be a little different for many of us this year, and this season it’s more important than ever to look after our health and support our defences to ensure we stay healthy over the holidays. Here are our top tips for a healthier Christmas:

Prioritize Sleep: Don’t compromise on sleep, this can lead to an increase in stress hormones, sugar cravings, and poor immunity. Good quality sleep allows our body to truly rest, have more energy for the festivities and help our overall health. Try our Reishi Cacao Latte in the evening to help the body relax and unwind and promote a sense of calm before bed.

Adaptogens: Adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms like Reishi and Cordyceps can help our body to adapt and cope during stressful times, improving our resilience to the damaging effects of stress and bringing balance to the body. Try swapping our Reishi Zen/Cordyceps Adaptogen coffee instead of your regular coffee for a calming lift without the jitters.

Self-Care: Make sure you do something every day for yourself. This Christmas may be more stressful than ever with many of us unable to celebrate with loved ones in the usual way. It’s important to prioritize self care to stay healthy this season. Whether a short daily meditation or yoga practice, an exercise session, or getting out for a walk in nature, having a self-care practice can help you to feel balanced and less stressed throughout the season leading to a healthier Christmas period.

Exercise: It can be hard to stick to your regular workout routine this time of year with dark mornings and afternoons and unpredictable weather. Set yourself some weekly workout goals and if possible exercise outdoors. Spending time outdoors in the fresh air is incredibly important for both our physical and mental health and regular exercise has been shown to support immunity and help us to stay healthy.

Hydrate: Make sure to stay on top of your hydration needs. Drink plenty of water, especially if your alcohol/caffeine consumption is increasing over the holidays as these can have a diuretic effect. Add fruit/veggies/herbs to flavour your water, and don’t forget that herbal teas count towards your fluid intake too.

Immunity: Our tips including exercise, sleep, and hydration will help to maintain a healthy immune system and help you to have a healthier Christmas. Make sure to include fruits/veggies where possible throughout the season- remember mulled wine does not count towards your intake! Grab our Maitake Ginger Latte for a cosy winter pick-me-up to bolster your defences.

Whilst it is important to eat healthily and stay active, remember that everything should be in moderation. Take time to enjoy yourself, relax, and spend time with loved ones whether in person or virtually this season.

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