Aphrodisiac Mushrooms to Reignite your Love Life

Plants, herbs and fungi have long played an important role in supporting libido, love making and fertility in cultures all around the world. Mushroom supplements offer a natural way to support sexual health, many mushrooms are life-reinforcing, and help to build physical and sexual power. Here are our favourite aphrodisiac mushrooms if you are looking for love this Valentine’s day…


Most known for its ability to support energy levels, Cordyceps powder has long been sought out as an aphodisiac and sexual tonic. Also known as ‘Himalayan Viagra’ it has traditionally been used to promote overall good health, and is useful at alleviating fatigue, supporting endurance and stamina. Cordyceps powder supports blood flow and oxygen supply throughout the whole body which help the heart, lungs and organs to function more efficiently. It helps to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow which is an important factor in sexual function. It has traditionally been used in Eastern medicine to support reproductive problems and infertility, and clinical studies have shown it helps to support libido, increase sperm count and quality as well as motility.


Like Cordyceps powder, Chaga can help to support healthy levels of testosterone, as well as stable balanced energy levels and stamina. If you are too tired or drained for intimacy, then Chaga powder can help to restore vitality. It has been shown to support stamina in athletes and can help to give you more energy throughout the day.


Stress is a huge factor in loss of libido. In Asia, Reishi powder has long been used to reduce factors that negatively affect libido. It supports immunity and promotes overall wellbeing, supporting the body to cope with stress with its adaptogenic benefits. Reishi mushroom powder helps us adapt to stress we may be under and supports our emotional well-being. It has traditionally been revered for aphrodisiac properties, helping to support male and female fertility and support the bodies overall function and performance.

Aphrodisiac mushrooms are excellent for reigniting libido, so this year forget the chocolates and flowers, and give your loved one the gift of fungi instead.

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