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Organic mushroom powders

Our versatile and economical mushroom powder blends the finest mushrooms and extracts to ensure premium quality and a smooth consistency every time. You can add them to hot and cold drinks, smoothies and baking, and because every serving gives you a therapeutic dose of medicinal mushrooms, our powders make it easy to benefit from all the biologically active properties of these amazing fungi. Try our organic Reishi powder in hot chocolate or add our Cordyceps powder to coffee for an energising lift without the caffeine crash. Because a little goes a long way, you can also enjoy the cost-saving benefits of choosing a powder over capsules. 

We source all our mushrooms directly from vetted expert growers so you can be sure you are getting only the purest and most potent medicinal mushrooms. All our products are certified organic by the Soil Association, which uphold strict standards, and third-party tested for contaminants and toxins. Our powders only ever contain 100% mushrooms and are free of binders, fillers and additives.